The foundation finished, and now it is time to get ready for the mast. DX Engineering’s OMNI-TILT will allow me to bring the mast down and walk it back up again.

Because of SWMBO blessing requirements, I will paint the stainless brackets of the tilt assembly black to make it all a little less noticeable. The paint is just for disguise and not protection.

I had already test fit the entire bracket before deciding that I would paint it. All the hardware already had copper anti-seize applied to prevent galling with stainless fasteners. Alcohol cleans this stuff right up, including what anti-seize had already transferred to the brackets.

Now the process was again to degrease (alcohol), scuff, prime, and paint. You can’t etch stainless (i.e., with vinegar), as it’ll form a layer of oxide that then doesn’t help the primer adhere as it hasn’t changed the surface texture. You’re right back to where you started. If you want to etch to mark the metal, yes, there are ways to do that.

Two different types of Scotch-Brite pads did the trick nicely by mechanically roughing the surface. You can tell from the degreasing pass with a paper towel and alcohol afterward that indeed some metal was removed.

Next up is priming again, and the 3 hours wait until I can paint. After that, I have pretty black parts ready to be mounted on the foundation after paint fulling curing. The brush strokes are visible, but that’s OK. I’m not looking for a mirror finish. One step closer.

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Galling fail – · July 13, 2020 at 10:59 pm

[…] This is what it looks like when I screw up. Apparently it was time for me to relearn an old lesson about stainless after paint. […]

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