Time to recover from the galling incident. I bought new stainless hardware from ACE Hardware and replaced the fully threaded bolts with partially threaded. Perfect for 2″ OD tube. I don’t want to take the chance that these threaded bolts that come with the kit seize up again later.

Dimensions of the new stainless bolts are 4″ x 5/16-18 in with a 3″ shank.

shiny new hardware, bolts with shanks

When trying to remove the seized hardware before realizing that it was terminal, I applied force to the hardware to break it loose. Now the paint was scuffed up on the pole when the brackets bit into the surface and moved. I agonized about whether to repair the scratches and decided now was the time to correct this. No need to start with damage, and the effort required to repair is low.

Next, it was time to clean up the hardware for the OMNI-TILT hinge. When I had test fitted it, anti-seize was on everything. Taking it apart again to paint meant everything I had touched had copper anti-seize all over it.

Bathing jetlube anti-seize in alcohol does nothing. It just sits there. And laughs. Yet, with a paper towel and alcohol you can pick up all the copper dust easily. I then spent an hour scrubbing every thread and surface in the alcohol bath with a toothbrush! All good, everything’s clean now and ready for installation.

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