A few weeks ago, I participated in a zoom call named ‘CW-CHAT.’ CW stands for continuous wave, by the way, which is another term for morse code transmissions. The zoom call is a sort of check-in and Q&A for anyone who wants to learn morse code and get feedback from those who know morse code. Yes, a code support group!

10 through-hole components! Swipe the <> left and right to reveal.

Our host Jim W4QO mentioned on the zoom call that there’s a code practice oscillator kit (CPO) available for cheap on the NFARL website. If you’d like to pick one up, you can get it here for $10 plus shipping.

Code practice oscillators are used to learn or practice morse code and come in many different variations. This one fits into an Altoids tin!

This little oscillator is super easy to build. It’ll probably take you longer to warm up your iron than to make it! Two small CR2032 button cells pour this kit. It has a jack for an external (straight) key, a tiny speaker that is very loud, a LED for visual confirmation of key down, and a touchpad to mimic a straight key!

So, go learn code now and get on the air!

Oh, yeah, and it fits neatly into an Altoids tin, too!


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