Now that hardware is all cleaned up, we’re ready to go. Well, not so fast, it has been unhealthy outside for some time now.

On hold for several weeks. Finally, the awful western U.S. wildfire smoke of 2020 has cleared out, and it’s time to do work again outside.

Before and after wildfire smoke blown into Western Washington

Dry fitting the parts on the bench before mounting them on the pole was a great idea in the end. Spending the additional time to put it together and take it all apart again made it very clear how everything went together when it went onto the bracket already on the mounting pole. I decided to go in reverse order from the instructions provided by DX Engineering. Typically, you’d assemble the bolt for the top first, but I instead chose to complete the hinge first. But first, I needed a helper to pass me the hardware.

Hmm, Molly is decidedly not in the mood to be helping today.

Yes, I went overboard with the anti-seize, but I am a little spooked by what happened previously. But you can see in the following pictures how this went together. Pretty straightforward. Recommend ditching the 5/32″ hex key that comes with the kit and getting a real hex key with a T-bar handle to have something more comfortable and more controllable to hold in your hand.

Next, I assembled the latch at the top of the bracket, where the pole can be lifted and detached from the mount. The optional knobs are an excellent option for holding down the outer nut (two threaded nuts to lock this down rather than a nylock nut and regular nut that comes with the basic kit). I don’t plan to take this apart all the time, but if I do, this is easier and cleaner, in my opinion. I did slightly change the top bolt arrangement and added a washer on the bolt just to the inside of the outer bracket. As a result, the bolt will slot the bracket between two washers and takes all slack out of the connection. Yes, that makes it more tricky to set the pole, but the trade-off might be worth it. If it becomes a problem, I can easily remove it later.

Now we’re ready to attach the clamps for the pole. But first, do toss these threaded bolts that come with these clamps and get new stainless bolts fitting your application with a smooth shoulder from your nearest hardware store. After my prior experience with them seizing almost instantly during dry-fit, I am not going to take chances.

These brackets went on easy, although I did have a helper making sure the hardware was examined and well distributed before assembly.

Now I need to work out how to position the pole to slide it into the brackets and clamp it down. Progress.

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