Heil makes an accessory for the Heil PL2T microphone arm: The Heil RS-1 riser (~$29 @ B&H). The RS-1 riser gives you more degrees of freedom. You can place the microphone arm’s base behind some of that equipment and extend the boom’s reach. And you can also use the additional height to your advantage.

The riser is designed to be screwed into 4 pre-drilled holes in a desktop surface, but drilling into the new desk was a non-starter. I wanted a non-permanent mount: a clamp mount. And if I change my mind later, I can easily reposition the base to tweak my setup.

A quick Amazon search found this C-clamp mounting accessory. Now I just had to join the pieces together. I marked where I wanted the riser to sit on top of the clamp and drilled 1/4″ holes through the top of the clamp. Deburring the holes isn’t necessary.

Then I installed the following hardware:

  • 4x 10-32 x 3/4″ flat-head screw, stainless
  • 8x #10 flat washer, stainless
  • 4x 10-32 hex nut (or acorn nut), stainless

Stack two flat washers in each hole, insert screw from bottom and attach the nut. If left like this, you’d press the 4 screw heads into the surface. But there’s a really great option to protect the desk:

Once attached, trim it back to the top of the clamp’s dimensions with a utility knife. Use a new sharp blade for best results.

That’s it—a robust, non-permanent mount for the microphone arm and riser.


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